News America; US warns it may leave UN Human Rights Council

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The US says it is considering withdrawing from the UN body on human rights, highlighting what it calls a "biased" stance on Israel.

UN ambassador Nikki Haley said the US was "looking carefully" at its role on the Human Rights Council.

She said it was "hard to accept" the fact that five resolutions had been passed against Israel, a US ally, but none had been considered on Venezuela.

Mrs Haley is expected to address the council later on Tuesday.

In an opinion article for the Washington Post last Friday, Mrs Haley said the council needed to "end its practice of wrongly singling out Israel for criticism".

While she highlighted work done by the group, she said not enough had been done to criticise Iran, a "country with an abysmal human rights record", and Venezuela, which is in political turmoil and where dozens of protesters have been killed in recent months.

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